Milestone Global Limited is one of the Most Modern Plants in India without the capacity to manufacture 200 containers every year. Our senior most work force members have over 25 years of experience and our labour is very competent and efficient. Majority of our machinery has been imported from Italy and Germany. Our three acre plant has –

  • Six main cutting machines with circular saws
  • Five Italian edge cutting machines with CNC controls
  • Five CNC controlled automatic polishing machines
  • An Italian wire saw cutting machine with CNC controls
  • One Italian CNC sculpting machines to make European style sculptors
  • Vase cutting and Polishing machine
  • Fifty Hand Polish Machines

With different sections for each step of the monument making process, each piece leaving our factory undergoes several rounds of inspection, leaving no room for defects. Each department is headed by a well-trained professional who ensures each step in the monument making process is carried out perfectly. Our quality control cell ensures that each piece has a perfect colour, perfect workmanship and perfect dimensions. The office block is located inside the factory premises and any updates sent to us are immediately conveyed to the concerned department. Any type of special piece can be made and all sculptures can be either hand-sculpted or done with out CNC sculpting material. Each monument is custom made to meet customer requirements and all our products can be made in any size and colour. 30 Indian colours and 5 imported colours are always kept in stock.